The High-Performance SQL training is aimed to level up your SQL skills with techniques such as Lateral Join, Recursive CTE queries, Semi Joins, Derived Tables, JSON processing, and many other database querying features supported by Oracle®, MySQL®, PostgreSQL®, and SQL Server®.

Authored by Vlad Mihalcea

Vlad Mihalcea is a Java Champion and one of the top Hibernate ORM project committers. He created the Hypersistence Optimizer tool, which scans your application configuration and mappings and tells you what changes you need to make to speed up your data access layer.

He's been answering thousands of questions about Hibernate and JPA on StackOverflow, for which he's got gold badges for Hibernate, Java, and JPA tags.

Daniel Manolescu

As a Java developer, I often find myself interacting with databases and writing SQL queries. After attending Vlad's High-Performance SQL, I found answers to many problems that I faced over the years.

Vlad has a dynamic approach to teaching that motivates and engages everybody in the room.

The presentation covered a lot of fascinating topics, and the content was well structured.

Every section had real-life code examples helping solidify the information presented.

This was a great training course that covered a lot of advanced SQL concepts.

Andrei Roșu-Cojocaru

Andrei Roșu-Cojocaru

Our company has been delivering an ERP solution for laundries for more than 25 years. Our application uses Oracle, Java, Spring, and JDBC as its backbone.

Most of the performance problems reported by our customers find their root cause in the persistence layer.

During his course, Vlad showed us how we should tackle these kinds of issues, breaking up the execution time of a statement into atomic bits and improving the performance for each of them. We found that optimizing the persistence layer is much more than just writing an SQL query as efficiently as possible.

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